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Looking to play some Vanilla WoW and need to find the most populated server out there? We have a whole database of private server information, so we decided to put together a short list of just the most populated realms available so you don’t have to queue for 3 hours just to get in Alterac Valley.

  1. Light’s Hope – Lightbringer Realm: 5000+ Average Population – Vanilla WoW
  2. Warmane – Outlands: 5000+ Average Population – TBC
  3. Warmane – Icecrown: 5000+ Average Population – WotLK
  4. Atlantiss – Dragonwrath: 500+ Average Population – Cataclysm
  5. Firestorm – Garrosh: 1000+ Average Population – MoP
  6. Firestorm – Gul’dan: 500+ Average Population – WoD


Vanilla WoW Private Servers

Light’s Hope

Starting out as Valkyrie-WoW back in 2009, this project has had multiple other servers fold into it over the last 8 years but none made quite the same impact as when Nostalrius gave them their source code and opened character transfers after shutting down when Blizzard sent them a c&d letter. The project exploded opening 4 separate realms to handle all the players. Eventually there was a split in the staff and currently the realm are live as Light’s Hope.

Kronos WoW

In second place population wise is Kronos WoW, a long time server with a consistent population ran by a professional team. While they can’t reach Elysium’s numbers they do have a very active realm averaging between 500 and 1000 players.


Burning Crusade Servers

Warmane – Outland

Warmane’s newly released Outland Burning Crusade realm is by far the most populated server for TBC at this time, offering x5 rates and the following raids: Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, and Tempest Keep. It runs a back-ported version of their code they developed for their WotLK realms and has a cash shop planned to be open soon as well.


With an active average population of over 1000 players, Excalibur has been around for years and offers some of the best scripting in the TBC private server scene. The caveat being that they do have a cash shop that allows for buying levels, gear, mounts, you name it. Until recently you could even use vote points for gold, thankfully they changed that which has helped the in game economy.


Wrath of the Lich King Servers

Warmane – Icecrown

Widely criticized as faking the population numbers on their website, you absolutely cannot deny the number of players when you’re online. They have some great scripting and a really solid team of developers which makes it a great choice in conjunction with the population. They do have increased rates at x5 as well as a cash shop for levels, gold, and vanity items.


With an average population of over 1000 players, it’s generally considered a good alternative for Warmane. They also offer a cash shop with vanity items and levels.


Cataclysm Servers

Atlantiss – Dragonwrath

Professional and dependable are two great ways to describe the Atlantiss server. Often considered one of the best scripted Cataclysm servers around and having the largest player base makes this a server you have to try especially if you want a Blizzlike experience.


Monster-WoW – Monster 4.3.4

High rate Cata server with over 1000 players online when averaged, this is the second largest by population. In addition to the x12 rates they have a cash shop with gold, gear, and levels available.


MoP Servers

Firestorm – Garrosh

Boasting more than 1000 players on average on their Mists of Pandaria realm, Firestorm offers a x5 rates PVE realm with a cash shop that includes gear, gold, and levels.

Warmane – Frostwolf

Also offering an average player base of 1000 players or more, they’re neck and neck with Firestorm. Offering x7 experience rates and a cash shop with gear, gold, and levels.


WoD Private Servers

Firestorm – Gul’dan

The highest populated Warlords of Draenor private server includes x5 rates and a cash shop for gear, gold, and levels.

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  1. Warmane Mist of Pandaria is definitely one of the better private servers I’ve played on. the pvp scene there is great, very fun and competitive. SOO pve is also great there.

    1. I keep having issues when trying to play their MoP 🙁 It says to run as an admin if the issue persists, I do, and it persists even more. </3

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