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Avg. Population
x4 (Andorhal), x7 (Laughing Skull)
Vanity Items

Realmlist: Custom Launcher


Realm Description

Choose any ability. Pick any talent. Forge your Hero.

Welcome to Ascension Classless WoW.

Ascension is a masterfully crafted, fully scripted Blizz-like Vanilla private server–with one major twist. Rather than selecting from the classic Warcraft classes, players on Ascension create their own class. Using a custom UI, players can choose from every spell and talent in the game, creating their own unique Hero. As players level, they’ll gain access to higher level Abilities and Talents. By the time they hit 60–the current level cap–they’ll be able to select from every spell, skill and talent in the game, and forge a Hero of their own design.

Ascension runs on a 3.3.5 core, and players have access to talents all the way up to Wrath of the Lich King. Additionally, the server will progress through Warcrafts most iconic two expansions, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

Prepare to explore Azeroth like never before. Create your hero, and tackle the World you love in a brand new way.

Three Worlds to Choose From:

Andorhal: Our classic Classless Realm. Andorhal allows players to dive into Azeroth and experience Ascension’s classless systems. A traditional experience with slightly increased leveling rates, Heroes will travel across continents, complete quests, delve into dungeons, and ravage raids as they band together with allies to tackle Azeroth’s greatest challenges. Andorhal is a realm for players seeking to explore the world they love in a brand new way.

Laughing Skull: The ultimate PvP Experience, Laughing Skull introduces a brand new way to prove your worth: High Risk, Free for All PvP. On Laughing Skull, nowhere in the world is safe. Equip your best gear and seek out your enemies, because here players drop a chest containing some of their equipped and inventory items when slain. Even your own faction is fair game. But be careful here, Heroes–you drop a chest if you’re killed, too.

Additionally, players on Laughing Skull will find that the realm revolves almost entirely in the open world. Dungeon and Raid loot can be found off of high level world monsters, and no item is soulbound. Collect your gear, sell your enemies, and become the ultimate hunter.

Seasonal Realms: Ascension Seasonal Realms offer new players a chance to get started fresh without worrying about more experienced veteran players. Usually, Seasonal Realms contain a twist or new feature to set them apart from Legacy Realms. Additionally, at the end of a Season, characters on the realm transfer to both Andorhal and Laughing Skull, allowing players to join during a Season, and continue on our Legacy Realms.

Finally, Ascension provides one more feature to outfit your Hero, and truly customize them to your tastes: Mystic Enchantments are magical effects that bind themselves to gear. Each Mystic Enchantment contains the power of a talent, allowing players to essentially equip bonus talent points and power up their Hero further.

A Blizz-like experience with a twist, Ascension allows players to create their class fantasy, and dive into the world they love in a brand new way.


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4 years ago


I’ve been playing at Laughing Skull for some time, but from recently (after merge with last season) going out in World Zones, doing daily quests or just simple farming is just IMPOSSIBLE. And by that I mean, doing it just by yourself and I’ll give you my points why.

1. Everyone is grouping (most of the groups being from top farming/ganking guilds), so I’m not talking talking about 1-to-1 PvP. And being attacked by 3 top geared full-time playing WoW nerds, will get you killed no matter what. So, if you’re out there doing your thing, decently geared (nice ilvl and all) expecting some loots – surprise! You lose your stuff, cuz you’re on your own and just wanted to do some casual questing/farming. (Again saying, not 1-to-1 battles. I’ve been ganked every 4 out of 5 times I go outside in world and by groups, or simply seeing groups and can’t do my quests. Last time I was trying to do some questing, I got jumped by 4 ppl, and I lost Neltharion’s Tear and Lok’ amir – both at the same time (that’s like 4k gold on AH – a looooot of farming and a loooooot of time (lost in a matter of seconds), which I won’t spend anymore on WoW for sure.)

2. You can go naked out there – that’s cool, only you’ll get zero loot (because of ilvl) and you can be ganked anyway. So there goes your questing again.

3. You can start grouping yourself. Now that’s what probably the most no-lifer gankers on this server would say and here’s my reply. If you wanna become the one who ganks, you gotta join one of these top ganking/farming/full-time-investing-in-WoW guilds and that ain’t gonna be easy (there would be few points why, don’t wanna go super-detailed, but these being that you gotta be epic geared, you gotta fill roster supposedly or just hoping that there are spots in these guilds or these sweet ganking/farming parties.) Now, if you wanna farm with these boys as well, first you gotta be able to join them as I have said (if you are good time-waster on WoW, then perhaps that won’t be a problem for you and that would be your best bet) and even if you do, all the drops won’t be for you (rolling system and all), in fact you might still end up with bags full of trash.

Now me, I’m a casual player and I don’t wanna waste too much time on WoW, no offence to these guys who spend their life on it – everyone can do with his life whatever the hell he or she wants. However, I enjoy WoW, because I enjoy the progress. And when you make progress, you feel motivated to play, because you enjoy it and because you know you invested some time (the most important thing on this world) and it paid off. And then hopefully, you can imagine how motivated I feel anymore to play and grind and farm gold, so I put something nice on myself and simply progress, when a huge portion of your time for all that, could be lost in a matter of seconds.

And, if you gonna say ‘oh, look it’s just one more toxic player, crying on forums, cuz he lost his gear’, I’m gonna tell you that there are quite a lot of ‘crying, toxic players’ out there, who also feel zero motivation to do any progression or invest any more time on this realm or who don’t go on forums, but simply go and start normal WoW or something else – and basically, that’s how it gets to the point when the pop is so low, that you have to start vendoring epic items, cuz no one would buy them on the server.

4 years ago

“What is the name of our low risk server?”

get bent! how can i know what to enter when i see no relevant information related to your forum registration question ANYWHERE?!

plus, mobile phone security check for your discord server? seriously?!

it’s like you DON’T want people playing on your server. i’m looking elsewhere for one that doesn’t require a mobile phone security check or a security question that comes back as negative no matter what i enter. hint: it’s NONE of this servers 3 realms and it is not “Ascension”, the name of the server.

edit: forgot to mention. i couldn’t register on the main site (not the forums) because every attempt would rediect me to a blank white page. same for the download page for the client. so, there’s simply no way to access this server at all unless someone is nice enough to explain how and maybe provide a download link for the client.

but you can’t ask on their discord without mobile phone security verification SO… good luck!

4 years ago
Reply to  treos

….mobile phone verification is a pretty standard feature in most things these days. and ive never had issues downloading or registering. sooo.

2 years ago

This server is absolute cash grab for seasons. People are massively leaving due to poor management and mistreatment by staff. Raiding content and achievements are done by GMs and their friends, server owner places punishments as he wants to, staff doesn’t reply for days and issues that prevent you from playing are very common. I strongly suggest avoiding this server if you appreciate your time.

2 years ago

hi all my icons are in middle of screen and can not get any bars up anyone got ideas why ? im playing wow ascension

2 years ago

Community: 6/10 (as you would expect)
Scripting: 6/10 – 10/10 (Custom scripting is great, but blizzlike scripting is pretty bad, but not terrible)
Population: 4/10 (Too many realms, not enough players, feels dead sometimes)

1 year ago

Where’s everyone at on the wrath private test realm haven’t seen a soul

1 year ago

All you’ll ever see is cash shop notifications.
It’s like a terrible dystopia where there’s nothing but ads everywhere.
Nothing but greed from this server. Imagine trying to drain/exploit vulnerable people out of their money that they actually had to WORK for. And imagine doing that based of a product that OTHER people made.
This server is the pinnacle of greed. It’ll make you give up your last bit of faith in humans.

1 year ago

I need a name that isnt taken

10 months ago

so recently i was bored and sad about the fact that wow private server scene is pretty much dead so i decided to check out this new season of ascension .
sadly it only took me 2 days to figure out that administration of this server just puts inside random scripted stuff without any concern about balance . random ppl just running around in a bg and oneshotting me with some ” new enchants ” really made me evaluate the reason why i was wasting my time playing this project and do something more clever with my free time .

9 months ago

I wouldn’t bother playing on Ascension, especially because they lock content from later expansions behind a paywall and they have such a morbidly slow content release schedule that it’s funny.

We’ve been in TBC for about a year now, maybe even longer, I can’t even remember. Classic Wrath is out right now, and Ascension isn’t even at Black Temple.
The servers are dying, the admins are rabid europeans who shunt all criticism and mute you, and the gameplay feels stale and old despite all the new additions because their idea of balancing is based purely on spiting players they dislike from guilds they dislike.

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