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Step Into The Land Beyond the Mist on January 7th 2022 at 06:00 PM CET!

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1 year ago

First time playing MoP and I must say that I am having a blast!
Performance is great, staff is friendly and responsive.

Knowing that their first MoP realm is still up and populated so many years later gives me confidence I can call Stormforge home.

1 year ago

Good very high quality but once you get to end game get bored quickly. Hard to find a guild and nobody posts in chat in game so dailies and LFR for most of you.

1 year ago

Cool that such good server exist !

11 months ago

Trash server,no ninja protection,expect the slav trash to ninja everything they can need on.

11 months ago

Very good server without p2w, leveled up already 2 characters there

9 months ago

Server is technically AAA.
The community though is the absolut pinnacle of cancer. If the (even more) degenerate brother 4Chan was an MMO this is what it would look like. I’m playing private servers and wow for more than a decade now but this is the absolute worst I have ever encountered.

8 months ago
Reply to  TheCoom

Without a doubt very good server and the best I played content-wise, but the community is cancer incarnate, absolutely agree. Unless you are playing with friends or people from guild you know, the dungeon experience is terrible.

8 months ago

Without doubt, this is the best private server i’ve ever played!

8 months ago

Here is my honest review of the server. I’ve been thinking a lot about this server before I made this post since my emotions are very mixed. Let’s start from the good sides of it:
-Scripting is very good. It’s not perfect, I’ve encountered bugs from time to time, but in comparison to other private servers, this one is a gem concerning scripting.
-A lot of people help you when you need it, regarding information concerning the game or other things. Although, those people are overshadowed by bad people in the community.
-Population is very healthy and server feels alive.
-It’s not “Pay-to-win”. There is no item shop that will increase your character ilvl.
Bad sides:
-Community: Some people on the server are very polite and interesting, I had a great time with them. The other 90% of them, however, are not. A LOT of people on the server refuse to speak English or speak very little and badly. Also, racism and sexism are dominant problems on the server (I am not SJW or anything, you will see this for yourself when you look at world chat). Constant ganking by high-level people who prevent you from questing in Outlands was also very painful.
Final thoughts: If you have any friends you like to play with, I would highly recommend this server. A lot of people I’ve met were IRL friends who enjoyed each other’s company and were having fun. But being left alone in a world where toxicity rules heavily and people are generally disinterested in doing anything but grinding and forming non-English groups that exclude you, is painful. Overall, I would rate it as 3.5/5.

7 months ago

Where do i start..
-Scripting is for the most part fine, few bugs here and there which is expected since it’s fresh server but none of the bugs encountered halted my progression and lvling was a smooth sailing from start to finish. Older dungeons/raids are properly scripted as well.
-The server is pvp which i dislike since i was camped on several occasions by lvl 90 full pvp geared rogues but community was nice enough to come to my aid in Hellfire Peninsula when i wined about it in /world so its not that bad really and i’ve had fun dueling with people around my level since it helps break monotony of doing quests without stopping.
-Community is… really mixed, you have new players, veterans, toxic gankers, wholesome and chatty people so my experience so far is kinda overturning from average to the negative because there are in my opinion more toxic little shitheads than genuinely normal people that literally cannot wait 10 seconds for your group to finish off that group of mobs you pulled so they pull more ,which strains your healer so much he can barely keep outhealing the damage and guess what? Here comes the boss too! So it results in wiping and dissatisfaction between teammates and its all downhill from there. People are really impatient overall and take objective criticism as a threat instead of a hint which results in votekicking because “you’re halting their progression” or something along those lines. (Sorry this turned into a personal rant but it’s true.)
-Is it fun? Absolutely!(even tho imo it’s subjective meaning if you don’t like MOP you won’t like it duh), i’ve had my share of fun on SF but for every nice interaction i got 2 bad ones. If there is anything i learned over the course of 4 years playing on different private servers is that toxicity (if not punished or frowned upon) will spread and ultimately ruin the community cuz if he can talk shit, ninja , try to votekick and is being a general asshat for no apparent reason other than wanting to be one and get away with it why couln’t anyone really?
Oh and some players were mentioning hackers in wc and were very frustrated since they can’t do anything about them but i’ve yet to encounter one so i am not sure if it’s true or not.
-On a good note: devs are constantly tracking bugs and focusing on fixing them day in and out and are transparent with the community on discord which is very nice. 
-Uptime is great, population as well, instant dungeon pop almost always (as a tank mind you) on any level, every zone has players in it which could be bad or good depending on which faction they are and are they 40 levels above you or not.
-Shop doesn’t contain any gear, only mounts and level boost which is a big thumbs up from me and I hope they keep it that way.
-Is it the best server out there? Or at least MoP wise? No and no, but it has potential to become one in the near future if only admins could keep the community in check and thin the crowd a bit by separating rotten apples from the good ones (refer to -Community). 

-So… Is it worth playing on?

 Im sorry but not really, I wouldnt recommend anyone to play on Stormforge when Tauri does almost everything better and most of all COMMUNITY is really better compared to SF, BUT if you are bottered by low pop Tauri now has and want to experience older raids from mop (which is the reason im curently staying on SF) without begging people in wc give it a whirl, otherwise go Tauri honestly. 

6 months ago

It is worse scripted than Tauri. A lot of NPCs hit with hands and don’t have weapons. Some animals never move. I am sad that tauri lost all its player base because of this 🙁 I rate this 3/5 and Tauri was 5/5 stars. This one is only good for pvp, I hated quest scripts

6 months ago

If you enjoy doing PvE or questing, you might as well join something else. They have rules, GM’s are to lazy to enforce them. Most of the players speak a language other than English, so if you are an English speaking player, good luck. Leveling up, I’m constantly camped. Killed in towns who’s guards are just as lazy as the GMs. If you enjoy PvP, maybe you’ll have a better time on this server- otherwise, it’s trash.

4 months ago

The best Mist of Pandaria server in activity, good to play with friends.
Scripting is very good, staff is responsible.
Population around 1500-3000 players

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