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Greetings everyone !

Let’s start by doing a little recap: Oribos, our Shadowlands realm has been released for 3 weeks now, and things have been looking great. We’ve continued to apply fixes and script things ever since the 20th of December, but nothing major has been hindering player’s experience so far.

This time has been valuable to us, as we didn’t want to release the major content (Mythic+, rated PVP and the raid) without making sure it would be in the best possible state while at the same time not making wait too much. For the past weeks you’ve been able to experience the new leveling system, the Shadowlands questline, Torghast, dungeons and a lot of cool features. That being said we’re aware of the limits those have, and we can now safely add new content for your to enjoy !

On Monday January 17th 10:00AM Server Time, we’ll be starting the Season 1 of Shadowlands, which include the Mythic+ mode for dungeons, rated PVP, but also the release of the first wing of Castle Nathria in LFR, NM and HM difficulties alongside the weekly chest: The Great Vault.

On top of that, at the same time Boris will also be returning to our servers for a full week to offer a free boost to the max lvl (50 on Oribos) to get you started or help you get a new alt !

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1 year ago

I play over 290 hrs on this server, PVP is all about who spend more real money for donated items. End game is all about $$$$ for end gear.

Quest campaign and release of content is very poor scripted and bugged most of the common in raid is combat bug which you stay combat after clear first trash and until you logout you can’t get out of it. 
some mythic plus dungeon bosses have different mechanic compare to retail.
XP rate from 1-50 is around x10 times.
XP rate from 50-60 is around x6 times.
Server rules are such bullshit and make no sense don’t use hack or bot or anything to have advantage of other player, but they’re selling mythic raid gear for real money and that is no make any advantage toward free to play player at all….

Only 30% of server are English 
70% Spanish and Russians and Chinese which is not speaking English in your term.

Most of classes ability are bugged and not working properly, for example demo warlock / unholy DK pets > stand still not attacking target and sometimes pets dismissed automatic.
Monk ww dps not working properly.
Holy paladin glimmer of light talent not function properly.

When you make ticket to report the bug it takes 12 days until game master reach to your post and tell you hey you wait 12 days now go to post this to our website, so we can review the bug in 3-4 month, or sometimes they tell you they can’t fix it and try to get use to it.

Over all exp of this trash server is 2/10  they only maintain this shit to suck the people money… 

1 year ago

play on server many yeayrs but shadwlands expansion on firestom is a another level.
1 week after season start server start seling endgame items in shop for real money.
half server ocupate rusian players,some spanish an chinese. in 60% gear payed players.
about working clasees is a same cross all datadiscs. op bm hunter, destrolock, dk.
DOT clases not working correct aka sh priest, afi lock, specialy sh priest is unplayable, because have very lov damage.
pvp – no words… pay to win players is everywhere.
pve – after season start you see in premade after 4 days 15 plus runs only…

11 months ago

I’ve played wow on retail for about +18 years and for this one last year i tryed firestorm shadowlands oribos server for a chang, you can count on my words as an expert player, the server conditions might be kinda tolerable but the player comiunity also authorities from moderators to GMs are abslute trash. I decided to go back to retail in the end. They manipulate everything with there own tast and you can name it anything you want other than blizlike :)) on top of that their knolege about the game is very poor and wothless.

Last edited 11 months ago by Grave
11 months ago

Unfortunatel on top of being ptw and other issues, the server is managed by illiterate and ignorant people, and you can easily lose your efforts due to baseless issues and without any logical justification. Also, they claim to be blizzlike but to be very brief and clear, its a big bullshit! nothing is in accordance with the original version and the related sources, but it is manipulated according to their taste, and the interesting thing is that even if you provide them with all the information from the original sources along with an explanation, they do not pay any attention and their behavior gets worse. This does not end only with the manipulation of the game data, and they act in a similar manner regarding the penalty and the way players are treated. In general, you don’t know on what basis and reference you should set your expectations from game conditions and server management? It’s been a year since I left retail and that was my first experience with a private server which i regret wasting time and afford there tbh.

11 months ago

I have 300 days played on this server.
Yes completly fkn addicted to wow and its worth it at this point. No worries i have good progression in real life and im very very accountable. Its a great source of entertainment and if you have everything in order in your real life video game addicton is ok to do.

To the server:
Yes there are some bugs here and there,
yes usually p2w wins but overall you can do good progress f2p too.
And often times with skill you can outplay gear payed nubs too, its hilarious.

BUT all the main mechanics and systems work fine and thats the most important.

To the community:
My best advice is just shut the fok up.
Literally just ignore every bad message you get and never ever react to anything.
Do your content and keep silence.
A fish that never open his mouth cant get caught.

By following this rules its actually a really nice server to play.
If you wanna enjoy retail wow this is the best server alive.
Ignore the bullshit, keep silence, enjoy content.

Last edited 11 months ago by feralgod
5 months ago

The population is not updated. Ever since they launched Dragonflight server, the population is 0-100 online.

24 days ago

piece of crap server with lots of bugs and no population, i do not recommend it.

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