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Realmlist: set realmlist logon.everlook.org

Discord: https://discord.gg/everlook

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Everlook, progressive vanilla, is the next great project to evolve off of the roots of Nostalrius and Lights Hope. We are a 1x progressive vanilla WoW private server. No geolock! Check out our Discord and website for more info! Launch is on November 11! Almost 25k in discord waiting to start a new adventure!

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2 months ago

oh nice so i am gonna be the first to write my opinion about this great server so lets go .

1 – this server consists by 80% of chinese bots . all you will see while playing during day are chinese bots running around farming something and nothing else .
2 – administration here is completely corrupt , bots are not getting banned , instead gms ban you because you accuse them of making a cut from chinese gold selling schemes .
3 – whitekidney was always a goldselling scam and this server just proved the point completely .
4 – server is completely biased towards alliance . main developer has his own guild on alliance side .

basically this server is the new darrowshire with same terrible administration . whitekidney and whole administration are making loads of money from goldsale and chinese bots . gms will ban you for any accusations .

2 months ago
Reply to  andrewclay

Entirely Blizzlike when you think about it. Lol.

1 month ago
Reply to  andrewclay

wasnt Whitekidney 1 of the Elysium clowns?

1 month ago
Reply to  andrewclay

go play your retail mud then little bliz employee

2 months ago

Quick introduction to server, in case anyone want to have a BLAST there.

  1. Half of population is straight up chinese players and chinese bots (in this case it’s not even exaggeration)
  2. Staff is filled with failed devs, while scammer and gold/drawn items seller in charge of things (main GM thinks of himself as Robin Hood for stealing Nost’s core)
  3. Bots are not getting banned, and the reason for that is the fact, that it will cause a huge population drop
  4. You can break any kind of server’s ToU simply becuase staff is incompetent to track it (unless ToU violateion will harm a lot of people and will cause a huge outrage)
  5. Simply is way too bugged for 1.12… like come on it’s 1.12, not even WOTLK
  6. Any accusation or even a mention of anything above in game or in discord server will simply cause you a ban.

Quick afterward:
For now, server exists only on a “fresh” dopamine copium engine, that works only worse and worse each day. It might seems as a good idea to hop on it while it fresh and the only option for now (they unironically called it a LAST FRESH lmao), but trust me, don’t waste your time there. Server is DoA.

1 month ago

Whitekidney.. wasnt he 1 of the clowns involed with Elysium?

24 days ago

So, 1 month into it.
There’re a lot of players from around the globe. You could find European and Asian players as well as American. Therefore, there are communication issues. Sure, there are people who are unresponsive to english. But they are willing to cooperate anyways.
Just went out of MC and UBRS and I can assure you that all the players are capable of cooperating, be they European, Asian or American. This is the game we all love and cherish. This is the game we all know and are willing to play together.
From a player’s perspective, it’s great. Yes, language barrier may be a thing, but i never had troubles with finding a party for dungeons or elite quests. Find
yourself a progressing guild with players you can speak to and you’re gtg.
This is a good vanilla private server so far. But don’t expect it to be classic 2.0.
PvP is savage. You should be ready to group up if you have troubles with another faction’s griefers. If not, then you probably should go play Skyrim lol.
It’s vanilla, with all it’s flaws and, sadly, bugs, but if you’re here for experience and challenges of a game from 2004’s then you’ve come to the right place

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