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world of warcraft single player wrath of the lich

Thanks to conan over at ac-web we finally have a decent viable option for an offline single player World of Warcraft using AI bots. It should be noted that this has been being worked on at this point for at least 3 years and last month he released his last full package with only updates coming in the future.

The bots follow commands like follow, summon, food, etc and are from the MaNGOS-Bot project by ike3 and you can find some great documentation for getting started and controlling the bots. For example if you enter a raid and want the bots to join you, simply type “summon” to make them come to you.

System Requirements

While there are no official system requirements for the PC running the repack, I would like to note the following from testing it:

Minimum Specs

  • CPU: Dual Core i3 or better
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • HDD: SSD or stored on a second drive

Recommended Specs

  • CPU: Quad Core FX8320 or i5
  • RAM: 16GB+
  • HDD: SSD hosted on second machine

You can see in the video below I tested it out by making a GM account, giving my character lots of epic gear, then inviting bots to a raid group and messing around in Naxx and ICC. At one point I forgot how to learn new spells so I ended up stuck on a mountain in Icecrown looking up commands lol.


Obviously you’ll need a Wrath of the Lich King client to play, and modify the file to point to your localhost. For the repack you also need the vcredist 2015 package installed on your machine. To start the repack you simply extract to the folder of your choosing, then start: 1_Database.bat -> 2_Login.exe -> 3_World.exe

If you get DLL errors you probably don’t have the vcredist package installed, or you have the wrong one. The repack also comes with a SingleCore IP changer tool to switch the server between offline (local machine only) and LAN mode so that anyone on the network can play (unless your firewall blocks it).

Additionally included as you can see from the second video is a script called Solocraft which increases player and bot stats when inside raids based upon group size. This helps make up for the bots being not quite as good as a real player although when I tested it I was so overbuffed I might as well have been playing retail! There may be some tweaks to fix that, or it might be based upon gear as I had a bit of fun adding BIS epics lol. There are also custom NPCs in Orgimmar and Stormwind though I haven’t checked them out yet.

You can follow these steps to create a new account and make an account a GM:

  • Regular: In world server console type: account create [name] [password]
  • GM: account set gmlevel name 3 1

How to Download

You can find conan’s post with more information and downloads here:

He’s also released the source here:


conan has now also made single player version for Vanilla WoW and Legion in addition to WotLK:

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7 years ago

I’d be very interested in how the AI players performed in fights such as sindra/LK. It would be so helpful being able to practice boss fights on my own at my own pace to get tactics down perfectly. Especially with 25hc.

7 years ago

Would I be able to connect an Ethernet cable and LAN line 2 laptops to play single player offline together?

Dan Lester
Dan Lester
6 years ago

If you have a router you can play this with as many computers as you can hook up. But a direct parallel cable hookup isn’t really supported. So you would have to do some trickery with ip addresses to make it work i bet.

As for the ai players, They aren’t by default setup for raids, They have an extensive command list that you can use to make them perform “generally” how you want, But it’s never going to be as good as trained players.


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