WoW Ultimate 3.3.5a | Transmogrifier x7 Rate

Posted by Kenedev

Date: June 30, 2024

Categories: Private Servers

WoW Ultimate is a private Wotlk server and offers 7X XP Rate and PvP as a realm type. It comes with some adjustments such as: Transmogrifier, Heirloom Vendor in all starting areas, Solo Dungeon Finder, Cross-Faction Battleground, Bonus-Weekend, Duel Reset Cooldown which helps a lot for those who want to do PvP. You can find more information on the website.
It is an English speaking server and will probably be the most popular server for this expansion. Attention WoW Ultimate is not a progressive server, it is a full content open server with full dungeon and full open raids.

Attention: Ultimate is not a server (Pay-2-win).
Donations will be made only for server maintenance and staff salaries.

With WoW Ultimate, it’s often like this: you either hate it, you love it, or you just play it casually. With WoW Ultimate, we will always try to make the server as stable as possible and hope for a larger population in the future.

If you like playing on a server with: server stability and a generally active server with a friendly Staff then Ultimate could definitely be an option for you. WoW Ultimate was released a while back and was one of the most populated servers back then. You can play WoW Ultimate here: https:/

Have fun!

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