How to Make Gold on Burning Crusade WoW Private Servers

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  1. SiiooL says:

    Thank you for the guide!

  2. SiiooL says:

    You can make alot of gold with as an engineer

  3. Nicholas says:

    Will this still be valid for the new Warmane TBC Outland server? It’s rates will be x5, to be launched in 2 weeks in case you haven’t checked.

  4. Nomihc36 says:

    As SiooL mentioned, using the mote extractor as an engineer is an amazing way to make a lot of gold fast. On a quiet night, I can farm about a stack of primals per hour. The motes are extracted from gas clouds in various locations in Outland. Clouds in Zangermarsh supply motes of water. Those in Nagrand have motes of air. Shadowmoon Valley has motes of shadow, and Netherstorm has motes of mana. The clouds spawn in the same locations from what I’ve seen, and you will quickly learn the most efficient paths to take for each type of mote after a little bit of flying around. NOTE: This farming method is useless if you don’t have an epic flying mount. You’re better off farming mobs for the primals if that’s the case because it just takes way too long flying or running at 60 or 100% speed around the map. One more thing about the paths for these. The way I learned the spawn locations and what circuits to fly was by finding other people farming and simply following them :D.

    Another good way to make gold if you don’t have mining or jewelcrafting like the guide mentioned is by skinning. Cobra scales and Thick Clefthoof leather go for a lot of gold on the auction house. They are both needed to craft the epic leg armor enchants that tanks and melee dps/hunters use. In addition, they are used for high end armor crafting. The cobra scales can be farmed from Coliskar Cobras or Shadow Serpents in Shadowmoon Valley. For the thick clefthoof leathers, I like to farm the Clefthoof Bulls in Nagrand. They have a higher drop rate than the regular Clefthoofs (although they can be a bit annoying to kill if you’re undergeared) and there are a lot of them. Thick clefthoof leathers are also used to make drums of battle, which almost all serious raiding guilds use and look to maintain a high supply of.

    The last way to make gold that I wanna mention is by farming Scholomance, the vanilla lvl 55+ dungeon in Western Plaguelands. To make this farm most effective, you need to have a toon with high enough enchanting to be able to disenchant level 50+ blues and greens (I wanna say its around 200 enchanting but don’t quote me on that). What you do is enter the dungeon, fight your way into the Chamber of summoning, and make your way to the fork (the room before the Great Ossuary where all the drakelings are. Kill all the mobs on your way to this point. Basically upon entering the dungeon, go straight, kill the skeletal guards. Open the gates in front of you, take a left then go down the stairs. Go through the doorway after killing the mobs by the door, and take another left. You’ll come to a big room with something like 5-6 packs of mobs. Clear this room and continue forward. You will enter another room with even more packs of mobs, some packs containing spectrals. Once this last room is cleared, run out, reset, rinse and repeat. The main thing you are farming here are Dark Runes. When used, Dark Runes restore mana at the cost of health. These are used by serious raiders at end game and sell of a descent chunk of change. If rng is on your side, you can farm a stack of 20 of these in an hour. While farming Dark Runes, you will inevitably pickup a lot of rune cloth and many BOE greens and blues. The cloth you can sell directly on the AH or make into bolts and sell. With regards to the BOE’s, you should definitely disenchant them and sell the enchanting mats. High level vanilla enchanting mats go for a lot since not many take the time to farm them. You will get a lot of blue BOE’s doing this farm. The large brilliant shards which these disenchant into are used to make Brilliant Wizard Oils and Brilliant Mana Oil weapon coatings. Again, these are two things that most serious raiders use. I use the Brilliant Mana Oil personally on my elemental shaman and I like to keep a large supply in the bank. Something worth mentioning: A key is required to enter Scholomance. The quest takes a bit of time due to travel, but is easily soloable at 70.

    Well that’s it! These are three of the main ways I make gold on TBC private servers. I am currently playing on Excalibur WoW and these methods have helped me a lot. Currently i’m sitting at around 30,000 gold between my three toons. The very last thing I wanna recommend is to get the Auctioneer addon. It allows you to scan the AH, create mass auctions for identical items, and preset your undercut percentages so you don’t even have to think about it. This is a huge time saver for me.

    Hope this helps guys, happy farming 😀 Cheers!

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