An Estimated 1.3 Million People Playing on WoW Private Servers

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4 Responses

  1. Daeveren says:

    Honestly this is a very low number. Being able to play the game FOR FREE – no subscription and without purchasing the game – I thought there would be 20 to 50 million unofficial players.

    • Whitey says:

      20-50 million players? Man, You’re out of touch with reality. Blizzard announced that in total there have ever been created just over 100 million unique game accounts. And a notable percentage of players have owned duplicate accounts (I myself have had 3 unique account subscriptions running before WoW was integrated into battlenet)
      Do you really think up to more than half of the players, who have ever registered and paid for an account still play on unofficial servers?

      The idea of introducing legacy isn’t mainly for gaining millions of subscribers, but to stop losing susscribers in general and eeping the numbers consistant. So that people would have a chance to drop into a previous version of the game and wait it out if they’re not happy with the current patch instead of unsubscribing for a year and QQing on the forums. In the long run Blizzard would be winning a lot more money through these means. Gaining a few hundred thousand up to several hundred thousand subscribers is just an added bonus.

  2. Herping says:

    You don’t live in reality is you think that’s a reasonable number to expect.

  3. Osaid says:

    In our world I never seen that much players haha but well this is so insane that too many players around the world still playing on wow private servers

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