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So you’re minding your own business running around Shattrath City on your level 64 Fury Warrior on the Warmane – Outland private server when BAM: holy shit, does that guy have Warglaives? I wonder what the drop rate is… Oh that’s right, there have been so many changes in World of Warcraft that finding correct information can be a pain in the ass. That’s why we’ve put together this list of TBC databases.

We also have a post to help you find a Vanilla WoW database or Vanilla WoW talent calculator as well as our own TBC Talent Calculator and WotLK Talent Calculator!


TBC Database


A popular full TBC database, previously online at hellfire-tbc.com and now moved to a new location.


TwinStar TBC Database


A full featured database for The Burning Crusade expansion. Includes item source (drop, vendor, etc) as well as disenchant information, and screenshots.


Excalibur TBC DB


A basic but functional database, includes item source, comments (mostly empty), and disenchant information as well as links to the Wowhead page for the item.


Cavern of Time



Lootables – No longer Working

We updated the post to add this db in, it’s rather unique and not build the same as many of the others however it has some great filtering options when you get used to it. Additionally you can set items to compare and every item has links to the listing on Wowhead.

Update: Unfortunately Lootables is having issues and barely working these days.

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