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Realm Description

– Soloable content (up to ICC10/RS10), including scaling raids for legacy content.
– Modified Flexible Raiding System with mechanics that change on player count.
– Heroic Ulduar & Naxxramas (Rewarding ICC25 Items)
– Mythic+ Dungeon System similar to Retail.
– 2x Mythic+ Raids (More to Come!)
– Mounts & Transmog downported from Retail, did someone say LONGBOI??
– Travel back In Time and Kill TBC / Classic raids scaled to ICC 25 Level
– Custom Reforging, Warforging & Transmog System.
– Casual options for Gearing.
– New Profession Leveling System.
– Account-wide Ways to Gear Your Alts.
– Get Wrathful Fast from Just Honor!
– Custom 1v1 Arenas.
– Instant 80.
– Everything is Crossfaction.

On top of all the raiding content, our new Mythic+ system is the perfect way to experience WoTLK like you never have before.
With 30+ dungeons, 2 raids (and growing) to try out, the possibilities of ways to enjoy the content has never been higher.

Contact us on Discord if you would like to provide feedback.

— Northrend Team — News

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3 years ago

Best server online atm, is really good for who dont have time to play blizzlike anymore, or who enjoy play casual gaming, is fun, u can do raids when u want, how much times u want, very well scripted, so is possible chase archivements anda all professions working 100%

If u need something look for me ingame- Potayba (english or portuguese)

3 years ago

GMs that support their personal characters with items that arent even obtainable yet. Players that rather slack in the shop than helping players with something needed. This server is a good idea, but with this attitude of players and GMs, and this low population (~20-30 players), its unplayable.

2 years ago

Im new to this how do i go about joining this private server? I basically want to play something like the real WOTLK but i mostly play solo so the real game is a little harder for me finding groups and i simply dont have the time to grind all day every day but still want to be able to get some cool mounts and awesome gear..

2 years ago

I played on this server for 3 months in 2020 and quit for personal reasons. I’ve been back for about 3 weeks now and I must say that I’m enjoying my time for the most part.

There are around 100+ people during peak hours and as low as 16 during off-hours.

The server designed to allow solo play until players are ready for the non-solo content. It’s easy to get 6k GS here playing solo. At 6k GS, you can start grouping with other players for M+ and ICC/RS 25. There are ICC 25n runs organized by the guilds here at least once a day, almost every day. You can join these raids as early as 5.2k GS (sometimes there’s even no GS requirement). I personally don’t like carrying players from fresh. As I said, getting to 6k is easy and I’m more than willing to point them in the right direction if they care to listen. There’s really no need for new players to be carried from fresh.

If you want to play WOTLK without the hassle of leveling up, give the server a try.

1 year ago

Just joined this private server. I have never really been a fan of “funservers” but I am actually having A LOT of fun on this server. Mix any class with any race, the mall has NPC’s in sophisticated places instead of just in rows, the soloable content is fun, and can be challenging. I haven’t tried the M+ dungeons yet, but I am excited to try them for the WotLk dungeons! The only downside to this server I guess right now would be the population, but I am sure that will improve. Great server!

1 year ago

If hey don’t like you, they delete your characters. Or so i was told. Didn’t check mine. Maybe they are deleted or not.
But my friend was deleted. So if you don’t fit in the community, it was all for nothing. Then again, a joke of community that it is, in the first place, and you can solo a lot of content so it doesn’t feel like the same game.
Looking back, it didn’t feel like teamwork with other people, population so low, you’re lucky to get 2 people with you, to do sh!t. Sure, once upon a time, there will be a 20-man ICC 25N, which may kill half the bosses and disband because of drama, but thats all. Don’t expect it to happen everyday.
For it won’t.

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