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Date: April 1, 2022

Categories: Announcements

– Effective next restart, legendaries will have an ingame duration of 21 days (3 weeks), to encourage players to keep running content to be able to renew their legendaries.
Dev Note : We’ve noticed that players tend to run less content when they reach bis gear. We hope this change can help counterbalance this.

– Fury warrior legendary changed. It now reads “Your attacks have a chance to make you go berserk, smashing your keyboard and incapacitating your character for 10 seconds.”
Dev Note : Fury warrior legendary is problematic, we keep going back and forth on it, but hope this new rework will match the class fantasy more

– To acquire legendary weapons from the vendor, it will now be necessary to have the Light of Dawn achievement (Lk 25 HC kill)
Dev Note : We want legendary weapons to truly feel unique, thus they should only be obtainable by players able to clear the hardest content. Do note that all legendaries currently owned will be deleted from their owners, to have everyone start on an even footing

– Introducing Hardmode Hardcore ICC 25. Dying in heroic encounters will now result in permadeath, you will not be able to log your character again, as it will join the hall of fame. Tread carefully champions
Dev Note : We’re really excited for this one, it’s been a passion project for a good while now to make heroic raiding a truly hardcore experience

– New Easter Egg introduced : slamming your character’s head into the proper specific wall in the mall for 100 consecutive bumps will reward you with a PLT. But which wall is the correct one ?!
Dev Note : Protective helmet not included, but available for purchase for 2 PLT

Affix rebalance : Beacon of Hope will now trigger twice as often, and stun players for 10s (up from 4s)
Dev Note : We keep hearing how beacon is everyone’s favorite affix, and decided to double down on that obvious crowd favorite
[5:52 PM]
Battleground rotation : Warsong Gulch, Arathi Bassin and Eye of the Storm have been disabled. They’ve been replaced with Strand of the ancients and Alterac Valley
Dev Note : We’ve had the same boring bgs for a while, which also happen to be the ones players dislike the most. We’ve heard you loud and clear and are going full 180° on this one, bringing back your favorite battlegrounds, and only those !

– Changed ICC 25 normal minimum scaling to 20
Dev Note : 25 man raids were never intended to be ran by smaller groups. We gave the experiment a try with 10 & 5 man scaling, but it didn’t pan out. While we don’t want to force players into 25 man group, we think 20 is a fair middle ground

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