League 4 Launch: May 26th – Open World Focus, Hardcore Trials, Invasions, and more

Posted by Kaladin

Date: May 26, 2023

Categories: Announcements

Adventurer: Azeroth calls! For too long its potential has lain dormant, desperate for you to shape it and leave your mark. Now is your chance to awaken it. 

You deserve to recapture the magic of your adventures; to Harness power both old and new; to face new trials; to explore new possibilities, meet new allies, and share in the thirst for adventure. Together you’ll explore the furthest reaches of Azeroth, and defend against the forces of chaos.

Now is the next page of your story. League 4 was built to breathe life and danger into the world, setting the stage for your next epic journey. Welcome to Ascension: Trials of Azeroth.


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