Turtle WoW: The Dynamic Raid Scaling is now live!

Posted by Torta

Date: July 21, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Greetings! We have been developing a system that will scale raids dynamically depending on the number of players that are doing it; now it’s live!

We have been thinking about this because we need to be aware that even if we have the best community, we are not that big, and letting our level 60 players do PvE content without needing to set up the raid meeting MONTHS before the actual date is the best we can do to make everyone happy. It hurts when a player leaves, specially if it’s a level 60 one. We love our players and every decision we make is to let them have fun and a good time in our Turtle realm.

This is how the scaling system is developed at this moment:

· 20 man raids will scale from 12 to 20 players. (So, the raid will scale from 12, 13, 14… to 20 players, that is, same as if it wasn’t scaled).
· 40 man raids will scale from 20 to 40 players. (20, 21, 22… 40).
· Boss mechanics will still be the same, no changes.
· Spell damage will still be the same.
· Scaled HP = baseHp * (currentPlayers / maxPlayers).
· Scaled damage = baseDmg * ((currentPlayers / maxPlayers) + ((maxPlayers – currentPlayers) / 100)).
· Scaled mana = baseMana * ((currentPlayers / maxPlayers) + ((maxPlayers – currentPlayers) / 100)).

Best regards,
Turtle WoW Team


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