Turtle WoW — Blizzlike x1 Rates & Transmogrification

Posted by Torta

Date: March 12, 2020

Categories: Announcements

Greetings! In an effort to paint server more friendly to new players, we’ve made the following changes to our leveling system.

  • Default server rates have been raised back to x1, progressive rate brackets are no longer in use.

  • Hardcore Mode remains optional and available under Speedy’s menu.

  • Gray & Green quest still give the full experience up to 25 levels of difference. This change is well serving the purpose of placing questing over grinding in WoW.

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We’re also happy to introduce a new upcoming feature for Turtle WoW: Transmogrification.

How does it work?

Find your local Fashionista in the following cities:

  • Felicia in Stormwind

  • Herrina in Orgrimmar

  • Dorein in Ironforge

  • Reikubo in Darnassus

  • Donnace in Thunder Bluff

  • Jetsey Bonson in Undercity

Gather the required materials and complete a weekly quest to earn Fashion Coin, which are the currency for the clothing modifications in the Fashion House. Every 10 levels the quest objective changes to diversify the challenge. You can also buy the coins via Speedy’s Shop.

Place the item you want to use as a template in your main bag and talk to the Fashionista, pick the item you want to adapt and enjoy your new fancy look! You can reset an item’s look any time you want, it does not require a Fashion Coin.

Right now modifications are limited to the same armor type. We are considering removing this limitation at a later point if nothing speaks against it. Some of the custom guild sets are not available for transmogrification, that’s a bug which will be fixed in the future. If you encounter this problem, please report it in this thread.

Update will be available next week.


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4 years ago

Nice, great… Go go TURTLE WOW.

1 year ago

Be aware that their world chat rules are very, very strictly adhered to. I posted some relatively tame comments that were deemed political and got chat banned for 3 hours, then when I tried to use their vaunted appeals process, I was permanently banned. If you’re going to play there, don’t even bother using world chat for anything but group finding and just immediately quit newcomers, because the same rules apply there. They have refused to answer my emails asking why I was banned specifically. Complete radio silence. It’s a shame too, because it’s not so bad a server otherwise.

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