Turtle WoW Knowledge Database & Open House Double XP Week

Posted by Torta

Date: August 25, 2020

Categories: Private Servers


We’re happy to finally introduce our own knowledge database, which precisely reflects the current state of our world: custom or modified quests, new items, NPCs and game objects:


August 29 — September 5 we’re hosting an Open House Event on our server! Everyone who levels up a new character will be able to receive special gifts at level 10 (and only on level 10): unique blue quality shirt and special rare pet.

Rewards will be bound to your account, you will be able to distribute it to any of your characters.

Since our server is all about adventure and quests, the experience gained from quests will be doubled during the event days.

Character Name Cleanup: 3865 inactive character names are available again!


Can’t wait to see you on board. Stay safe and slow! 🖖

Website: https://turtle-wow.org | Discord: https://discord.gg/mBGxmHy

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