Turtle WoW – Changelog 2.0 – Added abilities to change hair color & makeup

Posted by Furious

Date: March 30, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Newly added items in this patch:

  • Diplomacy channel: If you are a diplomat, you can join a cross faction channel by doing /join Diplomacy.
  • Dynamic speed for mounts: All mounts now have dynamic speed, the speed will adapt along with your riding skill. Now you can use level 1 or level 40 mounts at 100% speed if you have 150 Riding skill, or level 1 at 60% speed if you have 75 Riding skill. Also, all level 1 mounts will have speed depending on your level (the speed increase equals to your level divided by 2). For example, if you use the Riding Turtle or any of the tallstriders at level 30, they will have 15% speed.
  • New shop items: We have recreated the shop from scratch to offer new items (new mounts, new pets (i.e. portable auctioneer), new utility items (i.e. portable mailbox), new dressing boxes…) along with the old ones, but better sorted. Some months we can’t even cover our hardware costs. If you can please help out by donating, we will be able to keep Turtle WoW running strong!
    Barber shops: For 25 gold, you will be able to dye your hair. Go and talk to your local barber located in the Roleplay Hubs!
  • Makeup for humans, available inside Dressing Box: Sally Whitemane and Dressing Box: Scholomance Student. Effect is permanent and replaces your normal skin color. More to come!
  • Mailboxes for starting areas.
  • The newly added Repair Bot companion will now sell reagents too.
  • The Darkmoon Faire is back to its normal schedule.
  • Children’s week is back to its normal schedule.
  • The Darkreaver Menace quest will now also give its old reward, another helm.
  • New Hardcore rewards:
    • Level 10: Turtle Egg (Olive), Murloc Skin Bag, Fine Cloth Shirt, Right Juggling Torch.
    • Level 20: Black Piglet, Strange Bottle x10.
    • Level 30: Half-Eaten Mutton Chop, Carved Ogre Idol, Magic Muffin x10.
    • Level 40: Turtle Traveller’s Bag, Highborne Soul Mirror.
    • Level 50: Perpetual Purple Fireworks, Diet McWeaksauce x10, The McWeaksauce Classic x10.
    • Level 60: Hardcore Master’s Tabard, Darkmoon Strider, Sword of a Thousand Truths, 200 Turtle Tokens

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