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Date: June 24, 2020

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Here’s an important update regarding our Hardcore Mode!

How does it work now?

  • Speak to Speedy and get [Glyph of Hardcore] under the Glyphs section.

  • You must turn on Hardcore Mode at Level 1. Otherwise, you’ll remain permanently in normal mode.

  • If you die, you lose 5% of your current level experience. Doesn’t affect battlegrounds. You cannot de-level.

  • Dungeons rates remain x1.0 for parties only to encourage players to group up and do dungeons.

  • Rested XP from Survival Tents will be slightly reduced for Hardcore players.

Updated Hardcore Mode Rewards

Level 10

  • Finely-Tailored Linen Shirt

  • Murloc Skin Bag

  • Simple Wooden Torch

  • Fashion Coin x1

Level 20

  • Black Piglet (Pet)

  • Fashion Coin x2

  • Speedy’s Energy Drink

Level 30

  • Carved Ogre Idol

  • Fashion Coin x3

  • 16 Slot Pumpkin Bag

Level 40

  • Perpetual Purple Firework

  • Fashion Coin x3

Level 50

  • 16 Slot Pumpkin Bag

  • Fashion Coin x5

  • Illusion: Murloc

Level 60

  • Fashion Coin x5

  • Hardcore Master’s

  • Tabard Darkmoon Strider

  • Sword of a Thousand Truths

  • 200 Turtle Tokens

So far, the feedback on XP penalties is great!

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Additionally, I’m happy to announce that Bounty Boards have been reintroduce into the game!

How does this work?

You must kill the player listed as target to complete the quest. Group kills will not count.

An active player with the highest amount of Honorable Kills on the Last Week will become a target of the Bounty Hunt for the opposite faction!

Targets will be updated every Wednesday, for both, Horde and Alliance.

The quest for each target is not repeatable. On completion you’ll be rewarded with 1 Gold and 250 reputation with Stormwind or Orgrimmar, 270 if you’re a Human.

Stay safe, stay slow, stay awesome! 🖖 |

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