Turtle WoW: Alone in the Dark

Posted by Torta

Date: August 26, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Greetings, adventurers, raiders and combatants! Turtle WoW is welcoming you to join our strong and friendly community! We are going to remain online after Classic launch and our population is growing each day, our last peak was above 200 players.

Check our latest video called “Alone in the Dark”:


We consider ourselves a Vanilla+ realm, what does that mean?

We’ve implemented a list of features that Blizzard never published:

  • Tauren’s Race Ability: Plainsrunning
  • Secondary Profession: Survival Skill 
  • Additional PvP System: City Protectors
  • Additional PvP Ranks: Dishonored Ranks
  • Mage’s Skill: Khadgar’s Unlocking
  • Rogue’s Skill: Disguise
  • Soon: Miracle Raceway Event
  • Soon: Caverns of Time Dungeons

Roleplay & PvE friendly features:

  • Barbershop
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Diplomacy System
  • Raid Scaling System
  • City Guard Sets
  • Beginner’s Guilds
  • Portable Meeting Stones
  • Additional Character Skins and Roleplay Outfits
  • Progressive Rates
  • Guild houses and custom outposts for active guilds

PvP features:

  • Gurubashi Arena: Bloody Tournament
  • Warsong Gulch is open for 1-9 level bracket
  • If you want, stop experience gain with [Turtle Twink’s Insignia]
  • Battleground tabards are free and able to queue you to their respective battleground

Be sure to fetch me an apple, hooman! ~ Speedy, The Turtle.

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