Turtle WoW: About Winter Veil Vale, its citizens and presents…

Ha, ha! Youngest traveler, and boldest storyteller, have you heard?! My, as of late it has been everyone’s word! The vale, the vale! The greatest of shows, where all are friends, and none are foes! Hear of this place, where snow is thrown at your face. As fires burn in the night, and warm stars shine with an enchanting light. Hear of this place where all do go, many a staut tauren, a bold dwarf, a curious elf, but where are you though? So come, and be swift, before it vanishes like a rift, in the land of Dun Morogh, among the peaks of Khaz Modan, we are waiting for you, with Egg Nog and many presents in hand! Come, come, there is snowmen and drink, good company, and even presents that come in pink! So what do you wait? Set out on this journey before it’s too late!

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About Winter Veil Vale, it’s citizens and presents…

Icy Menace I

“ Help Tinsel Lost-Gloves take revenge upon the thieves who have stolen his favorite gloves, and in turn he will reward you with a companion of the valley, a small yet brave Miniature Winter Veil Tree, who wishes to see the world, a most adventurous duo, you and he. ”

Icy Menace II

“ The thieves struck back, and it is time for a second attack! Help Tinsel recover his gloves for a second time, and to aid you in your future he shall let his trusted pal Hedwig, a bird of the skies and a hunter of the night accompany you in your travels! ”

Snowball Wars: Episode I

War! The merry times of Winter Veil are crumbling under attacks by the ruthless adventurers! There are heroes on all sides, and snowballs are everywhere! Join in the fray, and unleash these freezing projectiles upon the many classes, be rewarded with a box of Winter goodies!

Snowball Wars: Episode II

It is a period of civil war! Courageous snowball throwers, striking from the shadows have won the first victories against their counterparts! Partake in this endless battle, and earn for yourself a kit of disguising tools, with which you just may be able to save yourself from a certain snowball to the face!

Grizzlore wants Thunder

Hailing from the far off lands of Kalimdor, the Furbolgs are no strangers to a good drink, yet it seems the Thunderbrew has run dry and the Grizzlore is getting mad! Acquire Thunderbrew Lager from Grombooze Thunderbrew at his camp in Westfall, and be rewarded with an illusionary secret of the bear folk of Kalimdor, how to look like one!

Bracing the Inevitable

The times of Winter Veil are always a warm gathering of friends and the wildlife around you, except for the poor Moonkin. The tiny hatchlings underdeveloped feathers are not enough to shield them from the bitter cold! Procure a warm drink, the festive Egg Nog should do! And spread it around among the hatchlings, this should be enough of a good deed to earn yourself a box of Winter goodies!

Jolly Holly Dances Prolly

Holly Tallhair is a regular at many fine gatherings of drinkers and party goers, yet she may have bitten off more than she can chew. The Feast of Winter Veil is the greatest excuse to partake in this alongside her, grab yourself a drink or ten, and dance away the night with her. She may just be willing to give up some of her secret stash of Sparkling Booze in return!

Peace Comes at a Price

How quickly they grow up… you may even forget that they are monstrous frost demons. Snowball has gone on a rampage in the valley, and is scaring away all the other animals. It’s time to put him to sleep! Defeat the ferocious wolf of Dun Morogh, and be rewarded with a bag to hold all the presents that you will be carrying around! I hear it has 18 slots!

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We invite everyone to join the celebration in Dun Morogh, at Winter Veil Vale!


RP/PVE Vanilla WoW server.

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