RetroWoW Instant 60 now with optional 3x XP Leveling Feature

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Date: November 15, 2023

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RetroWoW is running since January 2015 and is offering the following features:

– Instant 60: Your character will automatically be level 60 once you create it. You can choose between free dungeon 2 gear or blue items from the starter vendors.

–  Optional 3x XP Blizzlike leveling.

– 5-Man Raids: Onyxia’s Lair, Ahn’Qiraj 20/40, Zul’Gurub, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas are all fully scripted and scaled for 5-Man raiding. Raids are carefully tuned to make sure that, despite the smaller amount of players required to run them, they still provide an experience similar to the one you use to know. Each mob and every boss is tested and adjusted properly though multiple retail-experienced teams.
Completing attunements is not required and to make sure you are able to progress fast enough, raids will reset every 2 days.

– Gear Vendors: These vendors are selling epic gear for Gold (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2.5, Tier 3, MC, AQ, BWL and Naxxramas Items).

– Custom PvE/PvP/Raid Quests: Obtain Gold/Flasks or scrolls from completing custom quests.

– PvP Tokens: Earn one PvP Token for each player killed. These tokens can be turned in for PvP Gear, Gold and Enchants.

– Cross-faction Battlegrounds: This allows players to enter battlegrounds as a member of the opposite faction. At any time of the day, queues are almost instant!

– Arena 2v2/3v3/5v5: Another custom feature of RetroWoW where you can play Arena. You earn 3 Arena Tokens per win and 1 per loss.

– Team Deathmatch Battleground: Another custom feature of RetroWoW where you can play TDM BGs. Instant random respawns and each death tallies against your team and the first team to reach 50 total deaths loses! .

– Transmogrification: Transmog your items into different item models.

– Daily Quests: These quests reward [Daily Token]’s which you can spend on the Daily Quartermaster for (visual) Items, Flasks, Transmog Tokens and more.

– Daily Quartermaster: Narain offers new quests which can be completed with Daily Tokens only. (Narain operates as a quest vendor, which will provide rewards from your Daily Tokens)

– Gurubashi Arena (Custom PvP System): A kill here will be rewarded with 20 Gold (30 sec CD). When you die, you’ll appear at your faction’s graveyard, located above the arena. Though you can run to your corpse in order to resurrect, if you remain near the spirit healer in your graveyard, you’ll be returned to life after a short countdown.

– Duel Reset: This script resets a players health and cooldowns when they accept a duel. This feature can be activated with .duelmod on/off.

– Alterac Valley: Alterac Valley is scaled to be 20v20, leaving you with the full Alterac experience while making sure the queue won’t be long.

– Dungeons: Dungeons and elites all over the world are scaled to be done alone or at most with only two more of your friends or fellow players. Most items you could want however are available at the mall.

– Teleporter: There are teleporters available to raids, quest zones, the arena, custom event zones or many more places.

– Recipe Token: Recipe Tokes are one of the many unique feature of RetroWoW. They are obtainable through custom quests in the Azshara Crater and can be used to obtain rare profession recipes.

– Profession Zone: Teleport to the Profession Zone, learn the professions and obtain required items to start leveling your profession!

– Character Features: Barber NPC, Gender Change, Race Change, Appearance and Faction Change NPC (Mall).

– Event NPC: Teleport to custom zones and host PvP Events with your guild members/friends.

– Custom LoS validation: LoS will be individually calculated for M2 objects. (eg barriers, trees in BGs).

– MMaps: Movement maps are generated from both maps and vmaps, and contain all the information to create accurate line of sight checks and movement paths for creatures.

– VMaps: (“Virtual Maps”) calculate the possibility of line-of-sight, as an example. Based on their content, the server can (for example) calculate if spell casts are possible (e.g. if a wall is in between the target and caster or not).

– Anti-Cheat System: A custom tuned AntiCheat System that automatically bans cheaters.

– Automatic Backup System: A backup of the whole server, including your characters, is getting generated every day and stored on a seperate server.

Useable Game-Commands

– Duel Reset: If you don’t want to wait for your cooldowns to reset before you challenge a player to another duel, just turn on the automatic reset. You can do so with the command “.duelmod on”. You don’t want it anymore? Just use “.duelmod off”

– Maxskill: Sets all skills of the player to their maximum values. This can be done by using the ingame chat command “.maxskill”.

– Battleground Queue Commands: This feature allows people to queue battlegrounds with a chat command! .go warsong / .go arathi / .go alterac

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