Vanilla Plus: Features Overview

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Date: August 10, 2020

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What’s Vanilla Plus?

We are giving our favourite Classic game a new flavour in 2020: new challenges, discarded features, community-driven development based on suggestions from veteran players and freshmen alike. Face the need to re-think your usual specs, enjoy rebalanced classes, try new unusual builds. Enjoy new bosses, battlegrounds and content without abandoning the Vanilla experience.

Class Changes

Most baseline skills have been modified, and most talents are changed. Our goal is to bring more diversity to the Vanilla class system. You no longer need to follow the established builds from 2004 to get your place in the raid! Be creative, explore new possibilities and experiment. Enjoy a new game to explore!

  • Face the need to re-think your usual specs: Much of the power in base skills has been moved to powerful new talents, so you’ll need to make big decisions about what skills to focus on.
  • Enjoy re-balanced classes: Many specs that weren’t viable in basic vanilla WoW have been extensively reworked. Balance Druids, Elemental Shaman, melee Survival Hunters, and more are now viable and cohesive specs in their own right.
  • Try new builds: Talent trees were shuffled around enough to disrupt existing cookie-cutter builds. Work with other players to craft the best builds in this new world!


Raids & Dungeon Changes

We’re significantly increasing raid and dungeon difficulty to bring new challenges into the well-known game. Many dungeons and raids will have new encounters, new enemies, harder mobs. Bosses might have new mechanics and abilities.

  • New mechanics & enemies!
  • Harder tuning: Enemies both inside and outside dungeons have been tuned up in difficulty. Even leveling 5-mans present a challenge.

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2 months ago

Dumb Question – in your version, is the landing in dark shore destroyed or is it still intact?

I thought that was the worst and most idiotic landscape change Blizz made…

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