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Date: March 18, 2022

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Dear members,

We would like to present you several updates.

– Transmogrification
From now, you can transmog your items into different item models, this does NOT have any affect on your stats. Each transmog requires 1x [Transmog Token] which can be obtained from Daily Quests or Activity Points. You currently only can transmog “Green/Blue/Epic” items and class-bound items. (Example: You CANNOT transmog T3 Mage shoulders as a Warrior).

– Daily Quests (The Genie) These quests reward [Daily Token]’s which you can spend on the Daily Quartermaster for (visual) Items, Flasks, Transmog Tokens and more. Daily quests reset every day. There are currently 14 Daily Quests (PvE, PvP and solo). Please keep in mind we might add new quests or adjust the rewards/requirements later.

– Daily Quartermaster (Narain) Narain offers new quests which can be completed with Daily Tokens only. (Narain operates as a quest vendor, which will provide rewards from your Daily Tokens)

– “Activity Points” System. As announced, voting is now replaced with AP (Activity Points). Activity Points are generated every 30 mins while playing in game and may be spent for items and services on our website! Please keep in mind that the timer will reset if you relog before “30 mins”. We might change the timers soon, we will monitor the first days and see how it goes.

– “Exotic Goods” vendor has been added which sells items for gold.
This vendor offers you custom companions such as “Mobile Goods” (Misc Vendor), “Mobile Bank”, “Retro Traveler’s Bag”, Epic mounts and some new visual “fun” Items.

Please clear your cache files (delete WDB file) for proper gameplay. Have fun!

Regards RW Staff

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