Ascension Classless WoW: Season 4 Draft Mode – MASSIVE Updates

Posted by Project Ascension

Date: August 30, 2019

Categories: Announcements

We have MASSIVE updates coming to Ascension’s Season 4 Draft Mode Realm. During the month of September, we’ll be making changes that improve your character’s ability to draft skills that are essential to their build–for example, players who draft Sinister Strike are much more likely to see combo point finishers like Eviscerate and Slice and Dice.
Additionally, we’re adding more Hand of Fate quests so you can re-draft abilities you don’t want, or that don’t work well for your build. Blackwing Lair is releasing in September, and we’re in the process of adding a brand new World Event to the game–Hotspots. These locations will spice up the way you level by creating shifting areas of bonus EXP in zones, encouraging players to jump into Hotspots for both leveling and PvP.

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Project Ascension is a Classless WoW Mod that allows players to jump back into the world they love with a brand new twist: instead of selecting one of the original 9 classes, players are able to create their own class–combining skills, spells, and talents in whatever way they choose to create their own custom Hero. Dive into dungeons, gather allies, and tackle the challenges of Azeroth like never before.

Ascension introduces a brand new mechanic: High Risk PvP. When you choose to enter this mode, slaying an enemy player causes them to drop a chest containing some of their equipped and inventory items, which you can loot. Gear up and conquer your foes on Project Ascension!

Additionally, customize your gear with mystical enchantments, allowing players to enhance their Hero further by increasing the strength of the skills they use the most.

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