Ascension: Classless – Season 7 Released | Catch up now with 30% bonus EXP Weekend – Draft, Prestige Mode, and More

Posted by Kaladin

Date: August 13, 2021

Categories: Announcements

►Play for Free: Season 7 is the biggest update to Classless WoW in the past 5 years.

Every core feature has been overhauled: from Draft Mode–Season 7’s highlight–to High Risk PvP. Heroic and Mythic Vanilla Dungeons explode onto the scene this season, allowing Heroes to re-live their most beloved memories in all new difficulties. The steadfast among you can dive into Mythic+, a brand new, completely custom system on Project Ascension that brings custom Affixes and difficulty levels to your favorite Vanilla dungeons.

Dive into High Risk no matter what your playstyle with new High Risk Craftables. These entirely tradeable items redefine the crafting system, allowing craftsman to produce the absolute best consumables and item enchantments in the game. New gear enchants such as Belt Buckles and Cape Broaches give power where you want it. Season 7 helps you build your custom Hero like never before.

Season 7 is live now. 

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