A List of WoW Repacks Sorted by Expansion

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  1. Ashtran says:

    Hello! When I installed and started the Vanilla server I couldn’t login with a client because the server was offline even though I had clicked on the start.bat, realmd.exe and mangosd.exe files. I couldn’t find any way to turn the server on, could you please help me with this issue?

  2. RDXT700 says:

    H! dude
    these Maps/Vmaps/DBC

    are not fix could you give me fix version of them ? pls

  3. RDXT700 says:

    TBC Maps.7z.001: The archive is corrupt
    TBC Maps.7z.002: The archive is corrupt

  4. Ashtran says:

    Also what is the data of the databases? Even after checking in the original post, the guy who made them didn’t say which was the password, I tried using both admin and ascent and it didn’t work. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I’m trying log into localhost as root with the database being zp_world or zp_characters, but it just won’t work

  5. drsatan says:

    the database pass and account in most cases are root root or root ascent

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