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Project Epoch is a Classic+ project in active development for the past year with the simple goal of bringing you the world we all love with thematic, tasteful and high quality additional content interwoven between a Blizzlike foundation.

Built on the Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5 client with extensive edits to far more closely reproduce a Classic world.

Open Beta 2 Live !

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1 month ago

Overall graphics and atmosphere: 5/5
The custom day/night cycle, ambient lightning and new Azeroth skybox are great. They also reduced default Azeroth zones fog so you can see further than on any other server. It also felt like they modified client to increase the range at which ground effects are rendered so it looks closer to classic. The overall world feels a bit empty to run around, but that’s probably due to beta and low amount of players because server is not yet released.

Custom Zones/Dungeons: 5/5
The world edits are blizzlike+ quality, both Noggit and WMO artist are doing great job (there are some minor bugs like portal camera issues in new/current .wmos but that’s not a big deal). 

Custom Quests: 5/5
Quest designer is attentive to lore, custom quests are good quality and they don’t feel clumsy and unprofessional like turtle.

Class Design: 2/5
According to Beta 3 it has a lot of issues. Warriors having Bladestorm is absolute ridiculous because they can kill almost any class during it’s full duration. Shamans can oneshot you with 1 Stormstrike while you’re in full PvP gear with maxed out player dmg taken reduction. New spells are just not fun. Warlocks having some Soul Pact you put on ally and if they die, you get soul shard. Mages having Rune of Power which is the most hated ability on retail. All these new spells just feel like a bad addition to TBC toolkit since they’re purely focused only on PvE. Overall almost fully unchanged TBC talents make class design the weakest part of the server currently.

Item Design: 3/5
Most of the new items are good, but they’re mostly PvE.
In PvP, the game forces you to use a set of 2 trinkets, which provide a whooping amount of 80 bonus stamina. This makes trinket management (which is the core aspect of vanilla PvP gameplay) completely useless because you would never sacrifice 80 stamina for a Tidal Charm or Shadow Reflector when you’ll simply get one-shotted w/o that bonus. Also, there are items like Manashield which gives you 8% crit. Like, come on, this slot won’t EVER be replaced even if TBC releases and level cap becomes endgame 70.
8% crit is just INSANELY OP. Even if it gets reduced to 4% it still gonna be better than any AQ40/Naxx caster shield. And it’s available just from a world quest.

Staff: ?
Can’t rate because I never had any communication with them. But they don’t ban you for whatever reason like turtle so it’s already a big plus.

Community: ?
Mostly redditors so it’s up for you to rate.


Server rating: 4/5
The server would be solid 5/5 if they get rid of bugged items, hire a new class designer and spend more time on PvP aspect of the game.

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