Zul’Farrak now scaled up to level 70 [Creatures/Gear/General Loot/Custom Mechanics]

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Date: October 5, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

TBC5MAN would like to present our new addition to the level 70 normal dungeons available on the server.

Zul’Farrk is now scaled up to match Shadowlabs normal in difficulty. Scaling involves all creatures, gear and general loot tables for all the creatures located insite.

On top of the general replacement of trash loot, such as Netherweave cloth over Mageweave cloth. The Sandfury tribe has also taken it upon themselves to delve into the dark arts of fel/arcane magic, as such they players will be able to gather:

-Mark of Kil’jaden
-Fel Armament
-Sunfury Signet
-Arcane Tome

Lastly to give the dungeon a bit more life, some additional custom mechanics have been implemented which even includes a gauntlet event. Nothing that takes a way from the dungeon, just a bit of flare and challenge to bring a level 40 vanilla dungeon to something more similar to a tbc (raid/dungeon) in terms of development.

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