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Date: September 3, 2018

Categories: Private Servers

WoWPT is progressive world of wacraft private server with a unique system. We decided that most of the PTE servers dont offer ways to emulate each patch. In our server we lock everything out. Zones, raids, items, spawns. We have a dynamic scaling system that scales NPC health, damage even armor according to the expansion we are on!

What can you expect from the server?

  1. Medium rates.
  2. Daily Events.
  3. Progression since Vanilla to WOTLK.
  4. Active population and organized guilds.
  5. Focused both on PVP and PVE.
  6. Issue support.
  7. Dedicated Dev and GM team. ( we accept cookies! :smiley: )
  8. Daily fixes based on bug reports.

Progression Features

  1. We have a progression framework that adapts the server conditions depending on the patch.
  2. Patches are scheduled and change automatically.
  3. Arena Seasons emulating blizzard ones with season rewards (we have a custom one in vanilla).
  4. Talents locked depending on expansion. (eg: in vanilla, the last two lines of talents are locked)
  5. World achievements for guilds that reach realm first boss killings.
  6. Jewelcrafting will be available in TBC and Inscription in WOTLK.
  7. Blood Elfs and Draeneis are available since start.
  8. Main cities have NPCS with HP/Damage adapted to every expansion change.
  9. Locked zones/creatures/maps depending on patch/expansion.
  10. Dungeon finder is available in all expansions.


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