WoWPortal Transmogrification Competition!

Posted by wowportal

Date: April 7, 2020

Categories: Announcements

Hello everyone! WoWPortal is hosting a Transmogrification Competition Server Wide, we would like to give this opportunity to all Fashionistas out there to showcase their Masterpieces. Competition will last for 17 Days and will allow players to win Premium Accounts with Nitro Subscriptions, Premium Tokens, Custom Mounts, Custom Titles!
We would like to invite everyone to submit their participation as soon as possible!
Transmogrification Competition will begin shortly. The Competition will have 5 winning spots.
:stopwatch: Competition Starts: 04-08-2020
:stopwatch: Competition Ends: 04-25-2020
:trophy: 1st: Premium Account + Discord Nitro (2m)
:medal: 2nd: Premium Account + Discord Nitro (1m)
:first_place: 3rd: 5 Premium Tokens
:second_place: 4th: 4 Premium Tokens
:third_place: 5th: 3 Premium Tokens
:postal_horn:Competition Rules & Deciding Factors will be provided in #Transmog Channel, all submissions must be done in that channel.
:fire:To obtain access to #transmog channel and post your submission you must enter the competition by typing the following command ~transmog
:camera: Winners of this competition and their masterpieces will be showcased on our Website!

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