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Date: December 26, 2020

Categories: Announcements

WoWPortal is proud to announce a finalization of a new project on our 3.3.5a Highrate PVE Server!

An addition of 6 new Races to our Soulbound Realm that will give our new and existing players an opportunity to play and experience these new races and have an amazing holiday season while doing so! New Races system gives our players an option to play something different, experience your favorite class from a different angle, a brand new experience awaits!

r/wowservers - WoWPortal Releases Custom Races
r/wowservers - WoWPortal Releases Custom Races
r/wowservers - WoWPortal Releases Custom Races
r/wowservers - WoWPortal Releases Custom Races

We also introduce features like Transmogrification, here as well, we have a dedicated team of Transmog Enthusiasts that retro-port items, sets, weapons from all expansions to Wotlk and give you access to a Transmogrification System like no other, access to over 5000 retro-ported items like Legion Mythic and Artifatcs, MOP Challenge Mode, Battle of Dazar’alor, Cataclysmic, Tyrannical Gladiator Sets, Tier 12-Tier 21, Most Iconic and Rare Items. That will make these new Custom Races experience that much greater! Obviously these are transmog items, no stats, only fashion guys!!

WoWPortal also provides it’s players with a very unique WABS System where you can conquer Dungeons & Raids in a scaled group setting, you can venture in to 10 Man Raids with 5 People and so 25 Man Raids with 10 people, our unique WABS System will allow you to do so, all of the raids mechanics where also adjusted so you can do just that with a smaller group. However if the group is full, our WABS System will disable itself and let’s you play the game normally.

All of our Raids/Dungeons are scripted with over 1000+ commits to make sure everything on our server functions correctly, without any bugs or glitches and will allow you to experience the game as it should be. For example: Our Ulduar works 100% with all Vehicle Mechanics and Hard Mode & our ICC Raid is polished so you and your friends can raid without any fear of bugs, all encounters function correctly, all ICC Quests including Blood Infusion works 100% Blizzlike

On the same note, we have a very sophisticated currency system, exchange system and voting system where players can accumulate their currencies and exchange it for KOOL perks like Instance Resets, Custom Mounts, Currency Exchanges, Badges and much much more. We reward all of our players with Activity Badges in exchange for their online time.

While we are a PVE Custom Server, we do offer features like Arena Solo Queue, 2v2/3v3 Solo Queue, Normal Arenas, Mercenary Mode Battleground System and Challenge Mode System.

Our Server is 100% Crossfaction, that includes Auction House, Guilds, Raids, Battlegrounds and most importantly Crossfaction Support for Encounters like ICC Gunship and more.

To join our server, please be so kind to visit our website:

To create your in-game Account:

To join our Discord Server:

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