WoWPortal releases Autobalance Scaling System

Greetings Traveler,

We are bringing exciting news, WoWPortal “Soulbound Realm” has implement WPS Autobalance System. Say good bye to waiting for 25 men perfect team and say hello to 5 men raids that are scaled using Hyperbolic Tangent function where the system auto detects how many players are in your group and scaling the raid/dungeon to that value, creating an absolutely amazing experience, how about Solo Play in Molten Core? Well great news, you can do that on Soulbound Realm.

WoWPortal is currently on Ulduar Patch!

WoWPortal is a Progressive PVE Server aiming towards a specific community and players, we are a high rate server, if you do not like long leveling process and you prefer to level quicker then we are the server for you! We also offer Character Boost for players who wishes to skip all the leveling and get straight to business! While we do offer character boost, we do not sell any gear, we only have cosmetics in our shop for example: Mounts, Toys, Tabards and so on.

All of our Raids and Dungeons were re-scripted and adjusted to match Blizzlike Standards using newest code style, we have an integrated Bugtracker System which gives players an easy way to report their issues which goes straight to our developers. Our Bugtracker and changelogs are available on our website. We also use Dynamic Spawn system and increased nodes density.

While we are a PVE Server, we still offer features such as Arena 1v1, 3v3 SQ, Crossfaction Raiding, Crossfaction Trade and Mail and of course a Crossfaction AH and access to over 5000 Transmog Items from all future expansion including: Ny’alotha Raid, Battle of Dazar’alor, Mythics and Artifacts, Tier 12-21 , Recolors, Legion Animated Items and Custom MOP Wings.

We would like to invite players to join our community,

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