WoWPortal is hosting Transmount Competition!

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Date: September 29, 2020

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Welcome to WoWPortal Transmount Competition!

We are hosting a one of a kind event on our Soulbound Realm where you can submit your masterpiece! A Transmog related competition but with a mount involved!

Share your story and how you came up with your amazing idea, let our members vote for your masterpiece.

Win all kind of prizes, including peremium tokens, custom mounts, pvp mounts and much more! We will showcase the winners on our website for the whole world to view!

What do you have to do? 

:bulb: In this competition, the rules are the following:

:one: Your Transmog must match your mount

:two: You must be able to list what pieces you used

:three: Short Story for your Transmount (not required)


:stopwatch: All submissions must be done before Oct 3rd

:stopwatch: Voting will Start – Oct 3rd | 10:00h UTC+1

:stopwatch: Voting will End – Oct 4th | 22:00h UTC+1

:first_place:Wrathful Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm + 3 premium tokens.

:second_place:Any custom mount from Custom Mount Vendor + 2 premium tokens.

:third_place:Big Blizzard Bear Mount + 1 Premium Token

:tools:To begin your participation in this event, you must access our #bot-central channel and type the following command:



:frame_photo: Good image quality!

:frame_photo: 3 Images per participant!

:frame_photo: Name of your Transmount Masterpiece!


Join our Discord:

Our Website:

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