WoW Game Director Says Work on WoW Classic “Continues”; More Info To Be Shared When They’re “Able” To

Posted by Furious

Date: March 16, 2018

Categories: WoW Classic

“Obviously, this is a [Battle for Azeroth] Q&A”, he replied when asked about WoW Classic. “I know there’s been some questions and rumbling about what’s up with the Classic project. Obviously we announced it at BlizzCon when it was put on stage, it was the beginning of a journey and shortly after that, we posted job openings looking for people come to help us making it”, he continued.

“Some observers might have noticed that a couple of the listings has been closed that were on our careers website not too long ago are no longer on our career website, so, work continues, hope to have and love to share some more, and we’ll do so when we’re able, but for now, let’s talk about [Battle for Azeroth]”.

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