World of Warcraft Precision – Experience Vanilla to Lich King Progression

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Date: December 25, 2020

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Precision is a progressive World of Warcraft server running on the 3.3.5 client. The server’s progression will start in early Vanilla with Molten Core and Onyxia available and go through expansions all the way to endgame WotLK content and Lich King’s inevitable demise.


Why choose Precision? 


– Precision offers high quality scripting of quests, instances and game mechanics.


– Level cap is 60 for Vanilla stage and 70 for TBC, but all WotLK talents are available. This creates a unique meta for every class that’s unlike anything you’ve seen on other, generic private servers. No more blindly following 10 years old class guides. You will have the opportunity to discover the potential of your class on your own.


– Various custom balance changes. Overall player damage and healing output is adjusted, as well as certain issues with balance between classes. The goal is to make sure every class and spec are functional and also to provide a real challenge to players even in the earliest stages of server progression.


– Accelerated content progression – you will not get bored of clearing the same raid over and over while waiting for the release of new content; patch lengths vary between 30 and 90 days.


– Patch locked items ensure proper progression without balance-breaking overpowered items being available when they shouldn’t. A complete breakdown of what each patch includes is available on the website


– Catch up mechanic in the form of tokens from dungeons and daily quests to purchase the previous tier of gear.


– Realm First hall of fame and unique rewards


– Dynamic, adjustable exp rates up to 5x. Gold, honor, item drop and profession rates are locked at 1x.


– Account bound mounts and pets (A feature that allows the player to continue collecting without losing any progress);


– Spell Auto Learner (Every level, you will automatically max your weapon skills and automatically learn every new spell available for you).


– Transmogification system.


– Improved Anti-cheat and cheat detection.


– Vanilla mechanics restored. (example: rune dousing in MC, original attunements…)


– Special Events:


For a more detailed feature list follow this link:


The server has been extensively tested for months by a group of dedicated beta testers, with the goal to eradicate as many bugs as possible and fix any additional issues related to the custom nature of the server. We have been hard at work to create a solid experience for all our players to enjoy. We really hope you will take a look at this incredible project and see it for yourself!  Please see our website below for additional information.




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3 years ago

I had already stopped playing about 3 years ago I played a little on the server and I was completely addicted. Very good server and I never saw a server crash. Keep up the good work.

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