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Date: July 18, 2021

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<World of Shadowlands>

World of Shadowlands is a new and upcoming Shadowlands BETA server. We will be running on version ( Our server core is based upon TrinityCore. Our main focus of this project is to provide players a quality and relaxing game-play experience, working content and to be able to facilitate a growing community of players. We have an experienced and strong team of active developers and staff members to achieve this goal. We hope to bring a fulfilling and worthwhile Shadowlands experience through our server.

Server Information:

All Shadowlands zones are spawned. (Ardenweald, Revendreth, Bastion, Maldraxxus, The Maw and Oribos).
Working Battlegrounds and Arena’s. (New and Old).
Active bug-tracker checked by developers regularly, to fix issues reported by players.
Chromie / Garrison 9.0 / 9.1 Ashran working.
Battle-Pets are working.

World of Shadowlands Server Rates:

Kill XP = X5.
Quest XP = X5.
Explore XP = X1.
Gold Drops = X2.
Item Drops = X5.
BG Kill XP = X2.
Quest Money = X2.
Honor = X3.
Arena Points = X3.
Reputation Gain = X5.
Profession Gain = X5.

To clarify again, we are a BETA server currently. So if you do find issues / bugs on our server, make sure you alert our Developers by posting them to our bug-tracker on the website with as much proof as possible.

Thanks for reading, take care and have a great day / night!



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2 years ago

this seems pretty cool tbh

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