WLP.gg – J-14 Guilds versus Guilds presentation

Posted by Darcksephiro

Date: October 23, 2020

Categories: Announcements

Hey everyone,

WLP.gg will open its doors in only 2 weeks so I thought it could be interesting to present our main feature which made our success in the past.

On Warlegend-Project, you can get your gear by doing PvP (PvE is open) such as Arena (+Solo Queue)/BGs (inter-faction)/Wild PvP between malls AND Guilds versus Guilds.


Our Guilds versus Guilds system hasn’t anything to do with other system you may have tried. It’s an external program that communicate with our core and manage everything. It’s an automatic event that take place on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 19pm during one hour.


The principle is simple:

At session start, there is a flag like arathi that appears in 5 Headquarters created on Azeroth. In the aura created in the HQ, you can fight only with people from another guild, not matter their faction. Each action gives you session points (contest, capture, etc) and at the end of the session, the HQs are closed and every guild score is updated and rewards are distributed. We also added a flag making some HQ accessible only by a limited amount of player from the same guild to avoid guilds with to much players to take control of every HQ.


The GvG is a strong feature of our server and I really hope some of you will try it and give us your feedback about it. There are a lot of videos on youtube showing GvG battles which were really intense and entertaining. (e.g. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MvkhAA6gDA )


We also made a GvG tutorial video few years ago that we translated in english. If you are interested to know more about the system, I invite you to take a look at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sV8r9tqBLU

Finally, we have a region system making GvG even more interesting as I am sure, Russian and French players for example will have a different playing style so we are looking forward to see this in action.


WLP.gg team

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