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Posted by Sally Whitemane

Date: November 10, 2023

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Bonus Weekend


This November is an exciting time for Whitemane! We have prepared the biggest bonus weekend in our history, to celebrate You, the Player, and our community, that crossed over 31000 Discord members, 178000 registered accounts, and 33000 active monthly players. This makes us the biggest Cataclysm realm in history, and we’re not stopping now! And just take look at the Legendary Weekend bonuses:

  • 🌏 +200% Reputation: Boost your ties with in-game factions!
  • ⚔️ +200% Honor: Dominate in PvP battles!
  • 🔥 +200% Experience: Level up faster than ever!
  • 🏹 +200% Conquest Points: Amass epic gear, with a catch up mechanic!
  • 🐲 +200% Valor Points: Secure exclusive rewards!
  • ⚡️ +200% Justice Points: Upgrade with ease!
  • 🤑 50% OFF Whitemane Store: Snag your favorites at unbeatable prices!

The best news? It’s starting now, until Monday, 11:59 Realm Time.

Path of war

Path of War

Path of War is the newest PvP oriented feature. It allows you to get a free level 85 boost to your freshly created level 1 character, and gives you free 352 item level PvP gear. Path of War is the best way to begin your journey on Whitemane if you are focused solely on PvP gameplay, as this Path allows you to participate only in PvP combat. This is a new addition to Whitemane, and we already got thousands of Path of War characters!
Learn more here.

Hour of Twilight

Hour of Twilight

Hour of Twilight is upon us! On 11th November we will be adding brand new dungeons:

  • ⚔️ End Time, in which you discover an alternate future, where Deathwing succeeded.
  • ⚔️ Well of Eternity, where you travel back in time and assist young Illidan Stormrage, and witness Deathwing’s betrayal.
  • ⚔️ Hour of Twilight, a culmination to the story told by the 5-Man dungeons, that brings you back to Northrend where you fight the Twilight Father.

These dungeons yield 378 item level PvE items, and it’s the best time to catch up since Maelstrom’s launch!

Moonkin Hatchling - Charity Pet

Moonkin Hatchling – Charity Pet

Whitemane Community helps pets! Purchase Moonkin Hatchling for your characters and help our local animal shelter100% of all profit coming from selling this cute pet will be used to support the local shelter with:

  • High quality pet food,
  • Specialized pet food for pets with special needs,
  • Natural dog chews,
  • Blankets and towels,
  • Dish soap for cleaning purposes,
  • …and more.

Currently we have raised over 200€, and the pet is available to buy until 30th November. Every dime counts, and after the fundraiser ends, we will provide you with all the details, receipts, and photos!

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