Whitemane | Maelstrom Cataclysm – PvP Changes

Posted by Sally Whitemane

Date: January 29, 2023

Categories: Announcements

After a series of in-depth discussions about the health of PvP on Cataclysm servers, both strengths and weaknesses, we have drafted a list of all adjustments and changes we will be making to all PvP on Maelstrom.

➼ Arenas will have Dampening, specifically a healing reduction debuff that begins at 10 minutes and scales until the game is over. We have modified Arena game length to 20 minutes, down from 45 mintues.
➼ S9 Bloodthirsty Weapons will be available on the Honor Quartermasters – 353 ilvl variants of the PvP Weapons we all know.
➼ Ready Crystals will be available at the gates of Arenas to cut down on waiting time. ➼ Regular PvP Events hosted by our PvP Staff.
➼ Mid Season & End of Season tournaments with unique rewards.
➼ A slight increase to honor gain rates.
➼ Legendary Weapon proc effects will be disabled in Rated Games – you may still use them as stat sticks.
➼ Baradin Hold will always be open for both factions, regardless of which faction controls Tol Barad.
➼ Solo Queue will be available as a 3v3 queue, and we will apply comp restrictions to ensure fair games – one melee, one ranged, one healer OR one tank.
➼ Battlegrounds & Arena Announcers for everyone to see when a new queue pops.
➼ Spectator Mode for Arenas (and possibly for RBGs).
➼ Rated Teams are removed in favour of Personal Rating.
➼ Some restrictions will be applied to Rated Arenas – no double tanks, no double healers, tanks and healers may not queue together.
➼ T13 Madness Weapons and Dragon Soul Trinkets will have their power reduced to achieve a better balance.
➼ Automated weekly PvP Events.
➼ Retail’s Conquest Catch up Mechanic – so anyone who starts late or misses out can catch up.
➼ Various improvements to Arena maps terrain to ensure fair gameplay.
➼ Ring of Valour is disabled for Rated Arena.
➼ Gladiator title will be available in 2v2. Rank1 title is only available in 3v3.
➼ All 5v5 achievements will be collectible in 3v3.

Finally, we have a poll regarding how we will be handling Elite and Heroic gear on Maelstrom. Please give your input here! We hope that these changes will help cultivate a healthier PvP environment for everyone involved. This weekend we will be working on our final drafts for the servers timeline, both Patch and Season. We hope to make this timeline as in-depth as possible, so players know exactly what we are doing and when. Thank you!

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1 year ago

Can’t wait for the official launch of the server! 🙂

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