Posted by Furious

Date: October 29, 2018

Categories: Private Servers

Recently it’s been noticed that Warmane has recently added Warglaives and other best in slot gear to their store. There was no announcement to accompany this change, however it was noted on their forums by some users in this thread.

Update: We have received an official reply from Wamane:

We release the gear one tier behind the current one

And right now that would be Black Temple and Season 3 PvP gear, which includes the warglaives. We put them at a really high price in order to discourage high quantities and even though it might seem otherwise they are not an item everyone is purchasing, it is a small minority, although they do like to show it off. This is also not yet Best in Slot gear, we do not have Tier 6 on the marketplace yet but we do intend to put it there after a while. This is how the realm was designed and all marketplace updates previously were in line with it, akin to our older WoTLK realm Icecrown.

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