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Date: August 20, 2023

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Warlord of Draenor PVP server Join Discord now we will open soon

WorldOfdraenor 6.2.3 Info & Features

WorldOfdraenor is new wod pvp server and is offering the following features:

– Instant 100: Your character will automatically be level 100 with custom instant 100 template once you create it. You get free PVE geared + stuffs.

– Custom PvP Quests: Obtain Gold/Flasks or scrolls from completing custom quests.

– PvP Tokens: Earn one PvP Token for each player killed. These tokens can be turned in for PvP Gear, Gold.

– Cross-faction Battlegrounds: This allows players to enter battlegrounds as a member of the opposite faction. At any time of the day, queues are almost instant! not ready yet

– Arena 2v2/3v3/5v5.

– Transmogrification: Transmog your items into different item models. not ready yet

– Daily Quests: These quests reward [Daily Token]’s which you can spend on the Daily Quartermaster for (visual) Items, Flasks, Transmog Tokens and more. not ready yet

– Duel Reset: This script resets a players health and cooldowns when they accept a duel.

– Teleporter: There are teleporters available to , quest zones, the arena, custom event zones or many more places.

– Recipe Token: Recipe Tokes are one of the many unique feature of WorldOfdraenor. They are obtainable through custom quests in the Azshara Crater and can be used to obtain rare profession recipes.

– Profession Zone: Teleport to the Profession Zone, learn the professions and obtain required items to start leveling your profession!

– Character Features: Barber NPC, Gender Change, Race Change, Appearance and Faction Change NPC (Mall).

– Anti-Cheat System: A custom tuned AntiCheat System that automatically bans cheaters.

– Automatic Backup System: A backup of the whole server, including your characters, is getting generated every day and stored on a seperate server.

– Custom Script all glyphs+ spells

we are still working on more Custom Stuffs



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6 months ago

Fresh dreanor server , finaly . !!!

4 months ago

Instant 100 + contender for worst expansion = DoA

Last edited 4 months ago by Bleh
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