Vanilla and WotLK servers are coming to Whitemane!

Posted by Sally Whitemane

Date: September 20, 2023

Categories: Private Servers

Hey Whitemane! We have an update on EVERYTHING so let’s do it quickly.

Whitemane Oktoberfest

Whitemane Oktoberfest

In October, we will be hosting Oktoberfest which means that there will be an event every weekend! With a prize pool of $3000, we are going to host a 2v2 PvP Tournament, Stairway to Heaven – an event where you jump and climb to the top of the world, 3v3 PvP Tournament and a PvE Speedrun event. If you can’t participate, fear not – by watching our livestreams you can also win some fat loot!

Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream

We are very proud to announce that this December will be the month when world’s best Vanilla server is released: Emerald Dream is coming! With the most advanced anti-bot and anti-RMT measures and a fresh take on vanilla, we are working hard to create the new sanctuary for the vanilla players of the world. With unparalleled quality never seen before on 1.12.1 servers, we are going to bring you the taste of virgin Azeroth, along with some quirks, such as crossfaction, Hardcore mode, Racial Shift, and more! Feature list will be available before launch, but now, you can check out PTR which is available right now. Just download the client (or use yours) and play! Here you can find a guide.


With 30,000 active weekly players, 15,000 active daily players, and almost 5000 concurrent online players, we’re the biggest Cataclysm server in history and we couldn’t have done it without you. Whitemane is getting bigger, we are soon launching our Vanilla realm, and afterwards, Frostmourne – a fresh Wrath of the Lich King realm. The future is bright, young one, and we expect you to uncover it with us.

Thanks for reading this news. If you are on our Discord, you’re familiar with all of this, but if not: you’re welcome. Dream on ❤️

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