V.C.N WOW – Ruthless PVP Realm

Posted by rr2739

Date: June 12, 2019

Categories: Announcements



Hello everyone, we are very pleased to announce an opening of i80 PVP Realm.

A pure PVP experience without any custom custom items, pure non stop PVP Experience that cannot be affected by anything. Join Crossfaction Battlegrounds or concentrate on your Arena Team or participate in Arena 1vs1 & 3vs3 Solo-Q, conqueror your enemies in our custom Gurubashi Built Arena and fully working Battlefields or fight your enemies in Chest Events that are preset to automatically start every 3 hours.

Like any other, our server provides players with access to the most unique Transmogrification System ever seen, unique access to BFA 8,1 PTR , Legion, MOP Challenge Mode Sets and Artifact Weapons with an advanced Weapon Enchant Visual System.

Access to Morphs. Transformation Stones & Visuals including Custom Mounts.

Custom Anticheat, LOS, Pet LOS and PathFinding System, Active Developement and Issue Tracking.


Are you prepared?


V.C.N WOW STAFF | http://vcnwow.net



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