Uwow legion, Mythic+ Season 10 Completed

Good day!
We are pleased to inform you about the completion of the seasonal Mythic+ dungeons, and so, let’s sum up the results of the season:
  • During the whole season, 51918 challenges were completed.
  • Challenges, above level 14 – 26678
  • Challenges, above level 24 – 6702
  • Challenges of level 30 and higher – 928, of which:
    • Challenges, above level 30 – 580
    • Challenges, above level 31 – 279
    • Challenges, above level 32 – 68
    • Challenges, above level 33 – 1
Special thanks are due to the following players who scored 9000 or more points Mythic Score: Sociopathx, Дураклин, Malberry, Recoveryx, Forthenight, Zloydoom, Legendtank, Wale, Tòást, Devilowned, Sataon, Inocadence, Zmokkdrud, Vineigroki, Tarrasq, Pohnanik, Babooba, Shizickq, Пациэнт, Androidmvp, Семьянин, Quisque, Hinet, Amaz, Werwer, Aveny, Stupidowl, Kissmvp, Crioxis, Paso, Wallkiriz, Чинчинхончи, Flowerboy, Revengedh, Demks, Toxicsona, Fenxia, Lovehoolycat
Start the game: https://uwow.biz/start

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