Unlimited-WoW Instant 255 Release of Tier 22: Sunwell Plateau

Posted by unlimitedwow

Date: September 15, 2021

Categories: Announcements

Dear members, Unlimited-WoW Staff would like to present new Tier instance.

Sunwell Plateau will be a place that provides you with a chance of obtaining newest Tier set on Unlimited-WoW.

For millennia the mystical pool of energy known as the Sunwell fueled the potent magic of the exiled high elves. Now, the remnants of this ancient fountain have become the Burning Legion’s latest target as the demons prepare to summon their commander, Kil’jaeden, with the Sunwell’s energy.

With the release of Sunwell Plateau, we will spawn new PvP quests where you can obtain all Tier 22 items through PvP.

T22 SWP attunement is now available on the Key Quest NPC.

Release date: Tier 22 will be released on Wednesday , September 22th 2021

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