Unlimited-WoW 255 | Tier 24: Naxxramas Release

Posted by unlimitedwow

Date: September 16, 2022

Categories: Private Servers

Tier 24: Naxxramas has been released!

+ Daily Quests are updated.
+ Lower tier content is adjusted.
+ Naxxramas Attunement is updated.
+ Tier 23 (Halls of Lightning) is now soloable.

Honor and Arena Points are reset.
+ Tier 24 PvP Honor Vendor has been spawned.
+ Tier 24 Arena Vendor has been spawned.

Additional Info:
– There are 8 bosses in Naxxramas and some areas are closed to save time.
– Orb of Naxxramas (teleporter) is spawned at the end of each wing (4 Wings in total).

If you want to see the full changelog, join our Discord Server.


Good luck & Have fun!

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