The Elysium Project announces a fresh Vanilla WoW Realm

Rain, the administrator at the Elysium Project, announces a fresh upcoming Vanilla WoW server that will be launching on March 30th:

  • EXP Rate: x1 Blizzlike EXP
  • Battlegrounds: All BGs open at launch (AB/AV/WSG) – We have made changes to the queue system to correct issues from Nighthaven. Hopefully these issues will be fixed.
  • Raid Dungeons: MC/Ony/BWL Open upon launch
  • Patch Progression: Fast paced. Same as Nighthaven (Approximately 1 year to complete all content). Timeline to be released soon.
  • PVP Gear: Update @ Patch 1.7
  • Riding Costs/Training: 900g @ Start of realm for training. Mounts BOP. (Originally this is released in 1.12)


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