TBC 5 Man – New PVP Changes (Vendors/Dailies/Arena/Battlegrounds)

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Date: February 13, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

– PVP Changes In Place Right Now –

–Cross-faction BGs are now enabled (if on the opposite faction, visually you will be changed to a race of the opposite faction) Credit: LilleCarl

–Previous season gear set gear can be bought with PvE tier 4 tokens & PVP off-pieces can be bought with Badge of Justice.

–2v2 arena point distribution will now be increased x2 and 3v3 arena point distribution will be 2.15x. [This is to match pve release times].

–Honor rate is now 1.5x instead of 1.0.

–Battleground token requirements on PVP gear has now been removed from vendors.

–Custom vendors that reward profession goods and a vendor-able item to sell for gold. These can be bought with battleground tokens or honor.

–Battleground balancing system to ensure the numbers per team is balanced for a fair match.

–Daily quests for each battleground, offering valuable reward choices, including a big bag of herbs, a random uncut epic gem, uncut meta gems, 1500 honor and more.

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