Tauri WoW: Siege of Orgrimmar

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Posted by Arthas

Date: June 27, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Dear Players,

The time has come for us to announce the last raid tier of the expansion, Siege of Orgrimmar. The normal mode of the instance and the first wing of flex difficulty (Vale of Eternal Sorrows), along with Timeless Isle, will become available on July 31st, with a restart at 9:00 server time.

Heroic mode and the first wing of LFR will come out a week later, on August 7th.

Currently, all bosses are available on the PTR on normal and heroic difficulties, and with the help of the guide NPC’s, you’re able to test certain mechanincs even solo. If you’d like to help us out and work for a smoother release, the best thing you can do is testing the bosses on the PTR. If you find any issues with the raid or any other 5.4 features, you can post them to the bugtracker, and if you want to follow our progress with the fixes, you can do so on the changelog.

We hope you’re awaiting this raid as excitedly, as we are.

Tauri Team

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