World of Shadowlands

Posted by coredevoloper

Date: May 7, 2022

Categories: Private Servers

BETA finished
1year of devolopment
Just an update since our last post, the Open Beta for World of shadowlands is now Finished!

Launch Information:

To those that aren’t exactly a fan of boosts, or just want to check content prior to Shadowlands the EXP rate is x5. So should provide a fairly stable but faster than usual levelling experience.

Finally, I can’t stress enough bugs that are found. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you report them on our bug-tracker for the developers to organise and fix. The link to said bug-tracker will be provided below, alternatively as I also mentioned before a bug-tracker will be available on Discord. However, it is greatly appreciated if you use the proper bug-tracker on Website with the link below. Just to make it clear again, Shadowlands (Current) content will be priority.

Rates / Other Information:

EXP: x5
Gold: x2
Rep: x5
Server Type: Blizzlike
Host Location: EU
Realmlist: SET portal “”

We hope that you give our Shadowlands server a try!

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